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Something You Don't Have

I am going to share something you do not have.  It is a landing place or area to send your current people or future talent who want to work for you.  What I am about to share with you is a sneak peak into something that is going to grow and get bigger and bigger.  A little something me and a few grit and grinders have been working on.  Introducing (email subscribers click through)... Team HireVue Blog. 

We still have some final touches to it.  But, I wanted you to know and see it first before it gets big and large and loud.  Check it out, share your feedback and thoughts and subscribe or follow it.  Drip by drip, message by message and interaction by interaction we plan to knock you out with killer content and stories about our incredible journey to change the way people interact at work and life.  Team HireVue.  That's right.  It is something you do not have, for now at least.  Stay tuned...

Oh & BTW--today is Chip Luman's traditional Rib cook off in SLC.  Team HireVue can tell you more...Wish I could but, I am off to Alaska for a quick wedding.