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Get A Story

Can you describe your story and make it interesting, short and unique? Are you a natural talent, an average Jane/Joe, or someone who has evolved into a remarkable human? What is your story?  Keep writing it and keep living it.  Know what makes you tick.  Tell a new connection your story in 2 minutes or less.  Work on that story.  I expect you to be a hard worker, get along with people and know your trade, but what are you doing to be remarkable?  What are you going to teach me? Can you hit conflict in the air, without hitting a person in the head? Or do you squirm into an analytical hole ignoring the fact that a huge conflict exists in your work.  There will be conflict in human interactions and business transactions. I expect you to ask the tough questions, then act, not blame people or life for what happened.  Tell me something in your 2 minute story about why you are so talented at addressing conflict.

I watch videos of candidates, I speak with candidates via video and phone too.  I am privileged to meet many in person.  The ones who #ownit, make me want to know more about them...They make me want to follow them.  That's right, I want to know if I can follow them. Because if I can follow them, then I can ask other people to follow them too.  I can sleep better knowing that they can take care of business.  I do not want to hire people who complain about doing their job and can't get people to follow their lead.

What is your story?  Can you share it with someone in 2 minutes or less?  Work on that, not your resume font or format.