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The Hunt Down

A question comes up...hunt it down. A market opens, go after it.  When talent becomes available, do not let them sit.  An issue arises, solve it before it bubbles up into a disaster.  When people are not aligned, ask questions like a 3 year old to see why.  Hunt it down.  Hunting takes an ability and willingness to go first.  Hunters have no boundaries and knowingly and willingly cross lines to make something happen or be trusted.  The world is their friend. Many companies want a hunter these days, but many people can not handle the hunter's behaviors. Hunters need to be brave souls.  Someone who can ask questions, follow-up, then act on what they learn.

Hunt it down and do not be afraid to save someone before they drown.  That is what makes the world go round.  If you can hunt, you can survive.  If you can teach someone how to hunt, then you will earn a supporter for life.  Hunters know when to sit back and observe.  Sometimes people are better or different hunters than you. Learn from new hunters, get to know them, see what makes them tick.  They will teach you a few more tricks.

If you are unable to hunt, be blunt with yourself and find a different way to pursue your interests.  Hunting is not about killing prey or other people.  It's about being so curious to know why or find that golden answer to something, that you can't stop until the day is over.  I have met some hunters who worry about Fridays when they have not yet found what they are hunting for the week. Did you find what you were hunting this week?  Your company, community or cause needs a team of hunters who start each day with a mission to hunt it down.

Hunt it down to understand, learn, act and move your whatever cause forward. Make it happen.