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Ideas & Moving

bikesDo not move, do not stall, do not do anything.  Just think.  But do not think too much because nothing will get done.  Life will pass you by.  Think not enough, you will make horrible decisions.  Make decisions that will do someone or something good.  Is that non-profit you are part of really doing something good?  Do not stop something good, if nobody is doing it right.  HR players and business pros need to aggressively grab opportunities.  Do not wait for work to happen.  But, do work to help people, create your career and story.  The interview ain't over until it's over.  Look around at the humans in your life, not the possessions in your life. I think about quitting this blog at times.  But, I can't stop thinking about writing, because I have earned the right to have a voice in my space.  I bet some of you hear from me, more than your boss.  At times, I look back on what I write and feel ashamed and embarrassed.  What was I thinking and why did I say that? I do not know, but that moment is over.  The interview will go on and we are in a new moment.  In short, writing keeps me sharp.

My mind often looks like the picture (email subscribers click through).  Full of ideas about to explode.  To do, reflect and do again.  I am in a place right now that allows me to do incredible and entertaining things.  I have no home to go to on a consistent basis and live out of my car.  Been that way for a few months.  I even get to sleep in a warehouse.  It ain't no big thing.  My family is my home and they are healthy.  What are you doing to move something?