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Dissonance Can Kill

dissonanceDissonance is disagreement or lack of harmony in a work process.  Kinda like a song that is off-beat.  Creative minds hate disagreement.  Being open about disagreement is wonderful, but not addressing it is avoiding healthy conflict.  Dissonance can creep into your organization or work.  Be aware, then be there to fix it.  Dissonance can kill productivity, creativity, slow movement of great work and make people hate coming to work.  Dissonance is something to be aware of in fast moving organizations.   Here are a few ways it can play out. --> Unnecessary complexity.  Doing complex work can fool us into thinking we have made progress because we just did something complex.  False.  Making simple work complex, kills creativity.  Examples...bad technology or processes for doing expense reports, performance management, paying bills or recruiting.  There should never be complex work for simple and straight forward tasks.  Kill unnecessary complex.

--> Lack of understanding of the WHY.  Where does your work end and where does it begin?  Why is your work important to the success of your cause or organization.  Know why. Knock down make believe boundaries with your work.  You have the authority to know why and figure out how to make life better.

--> Openness.  If you are leading a team, are they involved in the why of a decision or at least told about the why?  OR do you walk out of a closed door meeting and tell people what to do.  Telling creative people what to do, kills creativity.  They can't use their creative mind.  Telling people what to do is what happens in bureaucratic organizations full of wasted talent.  Wasted talent goes home early so they can use their creative minds elsewhere.

How much dissonance exists in your life or work? Are you aware of it? Are you creating it? Do something about it...