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Plans & Happy 4th!

4th of July PlansThe only bad plan is no plan and a great plan has a back-up plan.  Strategic plans, lucky plans, secret plans, weekend plans, recruitment plans and career plans are plans.  The great plans are the ones that workout and break the barriers to success. Many successful entrepreneurs start out with a plan, but have no idea what they are doing.  Point is they had a plan, were aware of market changes and remained flexible and focused.  They had back-up plans too.  Do you think Mark Z., Steve Jobs, Nick Swinmurn (Zappos founder), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn founder) knew how to create successful companies? I say no, but they had plans and back-up plans.

Think about your recruitment plan for a minute.  Are you posting and praying that candidates will apply to your jobs?  Is that your plan?  Don't do that.  That is what many HR departments do.  And that is why you do not hire top talent.  What is your back-up plan when the top talent does not apply?  I bet the good ones will not apply. Try this instead...

List 10 people in your network who you would hire tomorrow if they were available.  Plan on hiring two of them and keep one or two of them for your back-up plan.  Plan on refining and changing this list often.  Ask these 10 people for referrals.  Pay them money for their referrals if possible.  Point is, have a plan.

It is soon the 4th of July in the good ole USA.  The halfway point of 2013.  What is your plan to close out 2013 with a bang?  My plan is to recharge with family and friends.  My back-up plan is to have fun near water, like the people in the picture (email subscribers click through).  I encourage you to re-charge too.  Then come back with a plan and a back-up plan to do something great.

Photo Credit: Andy Purviance