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Show A Side Gig

In music, successful performers have many gigs. Some gigs build on each other and keep going (i.e., Grateful Dead), while others fade away like smoke in the air. In the past two weeks, I have lost a few HR Hound subscribers out of a few 100. For whatever reason, my content was a turn off.  If each of those few I lost were $paying customers, I would need a side gig to make up for that revenue loss. It might have been one or more posts, but they were not happy with my gig. Good news is that they gave me a parting gift. Feedback. Feedback is a #gift. I have been reflecting on the feedback all week.

I plan to incorporate their feedback into my future gigs and posts with the HR Hound. For starters...I will experiment with sharing and studying how music brings people together in an unconventional and informal way at work. Wouldn't it be cool if you could find common music interests with your CEO or boss? You could talk and learn about why you both like a particular style, artist, or genre of music. You could also talk about areas where you disagree. All of this talk would require openness and candor. Something I bet you don't do often with your boss or other people.

The feedback to me is clear, write with more purpose and offer something different with this gig. The song below is different (email subscribers click through). This song, is called Razzle Dazzle Rose by Camera Obscura and it has some kick ass horn playing in it. The ending (last 30 seconds) is the best part. I even saw them play live at The Underground in SLC, the other day.

PS-You need a Spotify account. Don't worry an account is free, so you can sign up if you are still stuck on Pandora or whatever.

Gigs.  Find a few big ticket gigs and work to make something incredible with them.  Do not put all your gigs into one basket.  Experiment and learn with them, like a loco musician.