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Name One...

Name one leader in your company, department or team, or family who does or did it different. Were they happy? Was it easy for them to do it different? Freak (Utah term) no. They had to wake up earlier or go to bed later than the rest of them. They had to feel older than their years. They could see the unseen and had the courage to act on what they saw. Name one leader who does it this way. Then lead that way, follow their path or go a different way. My point is, do it different. Doing it different is tough. This Harvard Business Review quote, sums it up well..."It’s tough when markets change and your people within the company don’t."

Choose which color to fly and go freak something up. Do not believe in fake bullshit theories or programs people try to sell you. Listen to people who share and help, not preach. If you are preaching, stop and check if people have heard enough or want to hear more. Wouldn't it be nice to coach or help someone without preaching to them? Instead of saying, "We need to do it faster, better and cheaper" you could say, "Here is what I noticed and here is what I believe you can do to make it better". Done. No preaching or selling.

Enjoy your week. Do 5 things different than last week. See what happens. Pay attention to what you see. Name one leader who does it different. Click (email subscribers click through) the song is about people who did it different...