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Transition Time

Transition TimeIn order to get from point A to point B, there is transition. Great transition skills helps top talent succeed and decreases the amount of time it takes a player to adjust to a new level of play. Transitioning from college to the NBA is tough. Ask former college star, Jimmer Fredette (18.7 PPG in college VS. 7.2 PPG in the NBA). We are still waiting for his transition to happen.

What does transition time in the NBA have to do with your HR shop?

It's all about on-boarding. Your on-boarding program should primarily exist to decrease the amount of time it takes a new player on your business team to transition from their last gig to their new gig at your company. If your on-boarding program is not helping people transition, then kill or change the program. How well is your on-boarding program helping people transition? Find out. AND if you still use VHS videos or even DVDs in your on-boarding program, then your on-boarding program is killing people. It should be interactive and interesting. Come on humans.

Spend extra time and invest money to make your on-boarding program effective. Do whatever it takes to help the top talent you invested in, reach their full potential fast. The faster they reach full productivity, the quicker you get a return on your investment. You can use that as your business case for a damn good on-boarding program.

Hire talented people with drive, help them reach full productivity fast, then get out of their way. Work to have a short transition time. Encourage your executive staff to hire and transition this way too.