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What Is In Your Employee Rule Book?

Raise your hand if you have the HR employee handbook or rule book? In 1993 handbooks and rule books did the trick, but these days do people need rules on how to do their jobs? Create principles, not rules. Instead of making a rule about being late, just say our principle is to be on time or deliver products and services on time. Instead of an annual performance appraisal, just say our principle is to be brutally honest with people every day and moment. No beating around the bush. If someone is behaving like a pusy, then tell them they are acting like a pusy. Business can still be done face to face. Hiding behind emails, phones, videos, blogs, tweets, performance review forms and posts is avoiding the conflict and the truth.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could embrace someone who drives you nuts? Change the way you think or feel about them for a just a minute or two and learn more about them. The easy thing to do with people who drive you nuts is talk or complain about them behind their back. That does not change anything. Face the conflict. Burn it.

Step up. Lead with authority to make something happen. People come to you for a reason. They want help. Help people move forward and deal with poor leaders. Nobody will talk about your success, but they will talk about how you roll and how you do business. So do business in a way that makes things happen.

Without an HR employee handbook, it's easy to lead and make great things happen. You can create your own handbook. The followers will follow the leaders, innovators and creators, but all people can notice what is broken and take action to fix it. Smart ones will want to know why it is broken. After you learn what is wrong, speak up and make something happen. Put that rule in your employee handbook/rulebook. Don't worry, nobody reads those books anyway...