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Permission Vs. Authority

Every now and then I throw a few words down you might consider offensive. The other day I said p**y on the HR Hound. It offended a few of you and some of you left the HR Hound. I apologize to anyone else who was or will be offended by what I say going forward, but please know this... I have the authority to say what I want on the HR Hound. Sometimes what I say or share is helpful to you AND other times not so much. I do not need to ask for your permission to say or share something. I have earned the trust from a few of you AND that means a lot to me. I would rather earn your trust, than ask you for permission.

Asking for permission to share ideas and implement ideas kills the free spirit. It is almost like asking for permission to leave your office so you can have a conversation with someone across the building. However, asking for authority is different than asking for permission. Authority is something you earn through trust and credibility. It is not something you can ask for, like permission. Wouldn't it be easy if you had the authority to do whatever you want, anytime you want? Unfortunately there are limits to that authority, such as money, time and people. Ignorant people abuse authority. IMHO.

As you walk into your office today...find out what decisions and work you have the authority to do. It might tell you how much you are respected and trusted. Find out how much permission you need to make something better. Find out if you have been behaving like a p**y. And BTW, get your mind out of the gutter. Someone who behaves like a p**y, is a street term for lacking assertiveness and confidence. Come on HR people. That's how most humans talk. In street terms.

Authority is a mindset and permission is a request. Do you have the authority to make the world a more beautiful place today? Here's a little song dedicated to this...