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New Hire Reality Checklist-We is Us

On-boardingSituation: Johnny the new hire stud, starts at your company. He spends the first 90 days telling his new people/co-workers how screwed up they are. Commonly refers to his past company as "We" and his new company as "you guys". Here is what's going on: Johnny is stuck in the past and has not accepted the fact he needs to prove himself at his new company. Nobody knows or cares what he did before. They want to see what he is made of at his new gig. The sad part is that Johnny does not know this. Someone (often the HR pro) will need to tell Johnny that he works with us know. "We is us". Stand on the left with us now.

Three things end up happening:

1-->Johnny continues to be stuck in the past. Not open to new ideas. Thinks his way is the only way. He makes a lot of money, screws things up, then leaves. You are left with the mess to clean up.

2-->Johnny wakes up, realizes that he is with us and people see that he is on-board with the rest of us. Johnny lives happily ever after at your company.

3-->Johnny is that great AND your company is that screwed up. The time is right for a guy like Johnny and everyone follows his words and beliefs.

On-boarding and ramping people up is damn important if you want people to be productive fast. Watch for warning signs early on. Small words like "us" and "we" can tell you a lot. Fix them before they bubble into something horrible. The first item on a new hires checklist should be to build trust and credibility with his/her peers and boss/s. Johnny should say he is with us or you.

Can your new hires say they work for "us"?