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The Ball In Front Of Us

I am starting to get asked by a few of you to write articles and share thoughts about upcoming trends and predictions on recruiting, culture, technology, or whatever. Some of you and/or other people have asked me to think about a writing schedule to help keep things on track. Well, first, I can't do that.  In my own way, I need to focus on the ball in front of us. I can't and won't try to look into the past or future. The ball in front of us, is what I can see. I can see that business goes f$#ing fast. I can see that some people in our space are more about fame, than competence or progress. I can see that it takes work to make a company work. I can see that work will always be a part of my life. The day will not come where I can draw the line in the sand and say, "I'm done".  My work will always continue, so I must find something I can enjoy.

Controls and measures to control my life will make me miserable. I have learned that about myself. I am fortunate to find work where I can explore new things and learn how to think more on my own two feet. But, I still have to do a couple mundane tasks every now and then...It's these mundane tasks that make me recognize what I enjoy and do not enjoy about my work. I for one, hate too much order and predictable answers. I prefer unknown and mysterious processes.

I am finding that compensation practices are orderly and predicable. You can train a good dog do to them, but finding a willing dog is tough. Focusing on that ball in front of us is not orderly or predictable. The ball in front of us is usually disguised by feedback you can't see or hear, secret meetings you underestimate, and people who undermine your every move. The ball in front of you is real and unpredictable.

Focus on finding the ball in front of you. Forget about the ball behind you or ahead of you.