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One's mask is another's delusion

basic emotionsPsychologists and PhDs have come up with six basic emotions people feel. The six basic emotions are: angry, excited, sad, tender, scared and happy. Humans (that is you) show these emotions through facial expressions. But how often do people show their real emotions? In relationships at work I submit that many faces are masks with a delusion to how they really feel. People control their emotions with face masks because they are not comfortable enough to show how they really feel about something or someone. Being angry at someone while showing a happy face is hard. It is hard because people are controlling how they naturally feel (i.e., angry, excited, sad, etc). This causes emotional stress.

Just being you and being natural all the time isn't easy either. If it were that easy, life would be too easy and you would need to find a part-time hobby or drug habit.

The easy news is that no matter the culture, there are six basic emotions. How you feel is how you act. No matter what mask you wear. You influence people based on how you feel, act or behave. When you behave excited and positive about a new idea or product, then people will too. You can't fake emotions.

Influencing other humans at work and away from work is unpredictable and uncomfortable. Relationships exist because they are uncomfortable. Accept that fact and relationships become easier. I need to remind myself of that fact often.

Humans wear masks to hide the emotions. Tennis players, actors and politicians do it all the time too. Taking your mask off can be a sign of trust from person to person. It is an attempt to show each other how they really feel. Knowing if someone is angry, excited, sad, tender, scared or happy is better than guessing it through their mask.

Either do not wear a mask OR know when to take off your mask. Reduce or eliminate delusions. Some call this emotional intelligence.