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Will people buy from you

It is not how well you present, it is not how big your W-2 is, it is not how many nice lunches or treats you buy people, it might be how good your product is, but there is so much more. It is also not because you are pretty/handsome, it is not based on your famous college diploma, and it is not because other people have money to spend. People will buy from you when they know you care. Work with people long enough and you learn how they tick and how they sell. It doesn't have to be product or things they are selling. Many sell ideas. We buy into ideas or products or things when we trust someone. How do you think ponzi schemes work? People trust other people, so they buy whatever they are selling. They care too much about the other person, so they buy. They soon realize they bought something fake and lose big time. They get kicked out of their religion, lose homes, friends and wear orange jump suits. But...

Great sales people are great when they tell you what you need to hear because they care. They know when to share and know when to push. They are more concerned about a relationship or an experience than their W-2 or social capital.

In a service model, you can not win on looks and a first impression. What you experience during the sales cycle and negotiations is as good as it will get it. It will not get better. If you trust and like the sales pro, keep going. The rest is details to workout. People buy from other people they can trust. A great sales pro understands how they can or can not help other people. Psst. This takes listening and awareness. They care more about you than selling to you. They want to improve your life.

People do not care if you have all the answers. People care when they know you have the passion to find the answers. People will buy into you and from you when they know you care to help.

Care more than your competitors. Try it for a year and see what happens.