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This past week LinkedIn announced that it will allow kids who are at least 14 to get a LinkedIn membership. Good news for the motivated and sharp teen beyond his/her years. But major disconnect with the teachers who have little to no knowledge of LinkedIn, amongst other things. Today I am a speaker on a LinkedIn Talent panel session in SLC, Utah. Thankful for the opportunity. I predict the people in the audience will not be 14 years old. But I wonder how many of them are cool with their 14 year old jumping on LinkedIn...

Many teachers who teach teenagers are not on LinkedIn. They have little to no need for it. The teenagers can teach the teachers how to use it. Even worse if the teachers frown upon a kid using LinkedIn to enhance his/her entrepreneur career.

Hat tip to the first school who creates a class or program to show kids how to land a job with LinkedIn. Better yet...Hat tip to the first anyone who steps up to show kids how to land a job with LinkedIn. To the ignorant people of our business world. 14 year olds can now create a profile and look for work. You are disconnected. Age hardly matters. Drive and results do.

Had LinkedIn been around when I had my lawn mowing business at the age of 14...I would have made an extra 20 bucks a week. Kids these days. They have it so easy. Such a disconnect.