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Start-up. Each day, no matter your job (big company or small, stay at home parent, etc)...Start-up. Don't rest on your last great meeting or deal. The career ladder is over. Now is your time to move across the globe and touch various cultures and players. You are stuck chest deep in the system's crud. Your last boss was a body remover and your next boss is a suck up to the (wo)man. You are a victim of yourself. Do not wait for the corporate boss to come visit you with golden promises. Instead: Connect, build and do it again. Start-up and go over, around or gently through someone or thing in your way.

Leaders come and leaders go, but the start-up of you is here everyday. Whether it be new skills, new people, new speaking opportunities on stage or in the hall...they are all chances to start up. Careers are about you starting up new revenue streams, business and ideas to support YOU.

Each day you wake-up. You are a contender. Start doing something with it. That is your start-up.