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Chipping Away

Chipping awayChipping away on an idea or vision is done by the day, hour, minute and second. Great ideas change and adapt into something different or bigger. It is because they get chipped away at over days and years. Take Flickr, for example. Flickr, as many of you know is great for photo sharing. I use it often (see pic). But its founders started it as a video game company. They kept chipping away at the video game idea and business, then noticed a need somewhere else. Photo storage and sharing. They had no ridged plans or sensitive egos, so they made the switch. They dumped video games and focused on the photos. And out came, Flickr, which was later sold to Yahoo! Rest is history.

So here is the deal. Chip away at your business plan or career plan. Be ready and open to change. Kill the 5 year career plan. In fact, Mike Steinerd, Director of Recruiting at has about a decade of experience working in the recruiting industry. Yeah, you know Indeed. It's that job site site you visit when nobody at work is looking. They have over 100 million unique visitors per month and happen to be the most visited online job site in the industry. You may or may not be among those unique visitors. But anyway, Mike asked me to share the following with you. Chip away at these...

-->Communication. It is still and will be the golden rule for years to come. Tweets, hashtags are cool, but you need to be able to speak up and build relationships with others. Chip away each day at building your communication skills.

-->Teamwork. Be a helper, giver and problem solver. Anything less stunts growth.

-->Adaptability. Get over your long term plan. Be ready to roll with the punches and know when to change.

-->Attitude. Have positive energy. Be enjoyable and infect other people with positive energy.

-->Professionalism. Know your audience. If they dress nice, then dress nice. If they get naked, then get naked.

-->Strategic thinking. See beyond your job and company. Why are you doing what you are doing?

-->Integrity and judgement. Earn trust and treat people like people.

Chipping away each day will take you places you want to stay. Bring people together who are smarter and different than you. Chip away at an issue, idea, or something big with them. Keep them in your network no matter where you go.

PS-Today, marks the 50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King's speech in Washington. The photo is for the people who chipped away at the Civil Rights cause in the U.S.A.