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Simple, Shorter, but Harder

Be able to explain your plan, project or data to a 11 year old...That's how simple it should be. Writing, summarizing data from excel sheets, sharing meeting notes, etc. Basically turning large amounts of information into a simple, short message is hard. That is why people do not do it. Instead they take shortcuts and make things longer and harder to understand. They turn 30 minute meetings into 3 hour meetings.

I knew an HR Pro who created a manual on how to write one key focal point. A short one pager would have been better, but that would have taken more work. Instead of sharing the book, give the highlights.

Making something simple and short takes an ability to cut through the emotions with sharp facts. It is harder to text, tweet, email or use just one slide to show us the facts. Let people follow-up with questions to know more. Too often, business leaders lazily aim to the whole company, but only need to speak to a select few. Tell us why we need to know that what you say is important.

The world needs people who can enjoy their jobs and relax. Especially in the U.S. With our technology and ability to get massive amounts of work done, anytime and any place it is a wonder how much better we can get. Do not make other people's job or life harder than it should be because you do not want to work hard.

Simple and short is hard. It took 261 words to say that. I hope it was simple and short.