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Know Your Confidence level

Having confidence in someone to do something big and deliver for your organization is where money is earned and performance happens. People learn confidence when they get enough at-bats and trys to know they can or can't do something. The more they try, the more they know. The less chances they get to try, the more they wonder. If someone wonders too much, they leave you. They want to improve their confidence level. Self aware people do not need to be told they are not performing. They know it. They know their results, better than you the manager. They want more at-bats to get better. At-bats can be customer presentations, boss meetings, chances to lead a team or project and interviews. Again, more at-bats equals more chances to know your confidence level.

The more I work with you, the more or less I have confidence in you. Each interaction we have, our confidence level goes up or down. My confidence level can change based on the task or duty we have or will have done together. Your confidence level in me can change too.

Know your confidence level in someone. Know why that level is high or low and do something about it.