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7 Ways to Help The Underdog Client

In my spirit of helping the underdog, here are 7 ways to help that client who works harder than anyone else, but is not part of the provincial pack. The pack that gives out promotions and favors to people of its kind. The underdog is usually someone who had to fight harder to get into school or fight harder to get that job at your place. Here we go... 1-->Invite the underdog to company meetings or outside activities. Introduce them to people outside their network.

2-->Give them a shot at leading a project. See what they are made of.

3-->Let them speak. Encourage them to speak and present at meetings and gatherings.

4-->Give them feedback that counts.

5-->Find out what they do well and promote that wellness.

6-->Challenge their manager or leader who only promotes and hires based on the provincial pack.

7-->Be real. If they have talent and potential, give them more. If they don't have talent, cut bait.

Find talented people who are not part of the informal corporate career path, backed with famous degrees. They are underdogs. Remember the movie Rocky? Help the underdogs become a Rocky.