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The Provincial Pack

Provincial PackDefinition of provincial... "1. Of or characteristic of people from the provinces; not fashionable or sophisticated or 2. Limited in perspective; narrow and self-centered."

There is humanity in the provincial pack. The one-man band I saw at a fair this past weekend reminds us of that (email subscribers click through for pic). Influencing people in the provincial pack can be done when you know people in the pack on a human level. The buyers at Wal-Mart will open up and listen when you get them away from their pack. Same with an HR buyer. Take them away from their pack and you learn they are more than EEOC laws and FMLA regulations.

Everyone is equal and yet everyone is not equal. Status differences amongst the provincial pack are real and status changes based on the different social situations the members of the pack are in. No one is more human than the next. Do not label specific people in the pack with the pack's own rules and ways. They want to exist, just like you. I often here sales pros who label their buyers as behaving in only one way. Weak sauce approach. The buyer is a human who is part of the provincial pack. Learn what they need and share why you add value. You can then offer them a solution.

And be prepared to share something in common with another human when they are in a different provincial pack than you are. That takes a willingness to step towards open mindedness.

Name the profession, religion, state or geography and you will find the provincial pack. The pack is what it is, but get to know the people in the pack.