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2 Apps I bet you don't use

Email, call, text or post a comment if my assumption is wrong...but I bet you do not use or know about the 2 apps below. (email subscribers click through for links) 1--> Check out Haiku Deck. Why? It's a free iPad app that is easy to use AND it will make your presentation scream wonderful, no matter how boring your topic. Chances are...your boring slides about CPG trends or HR topics need help.

2-->Check out Office Vibe. A good app to help reduce stress, improve productivity in a gamification way. Credit @Shayla for sharing.

People throw money at problems or waste time doing the same thing, the same way. These apps help you do the same thing, a different way. See what happens. These apps are free, so no need to get approval to spend money. Don't just read about it, do something about it. It's Friday and you have nothing to lose except time.