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The purpose of your profession

It comes down to purpose. I have a purpose to write for the HR Hound. I do not do it for money or status. A professional purpose is your career path and you can build your purpose around serving people or our universe, expressing yourself and building a community. There seems to be a need in those areas. LinkedIn become more successful around 2008 or 2009 when the economy tanked and thousands lost jobs. That is because LinkedIn served people who needed a place to network and build community during a time of need. New and developing religions become successful by serving others too.

Our economy has a need for people who work for a purpose, other than greed, higher status or fame. Our economy has enough people who hang out with their own breed and pack. Social statuses and separate tribes of people need to work with other tribes.

The purpose of your profession better be tied to improving people's lives or our planet or you are done. We are living in a place that is built for humans.