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That #HRTechConf thing

Next week several thousand HR and business pros will gather in Las Vegas to talk about one thing... HR Technology. These type of pros will work on Sunday because they have taken on HR Technology as their personal problem. They do it because they want to, not have to. The business pros who attend the HR Technology conference want real change. They believe in each other and promote each other's stories. Egos and statuses are minimal with this crowd. Last year the HR Hound received a sponsor to attend...I landed a job, side gigs and several writing opportunities because of HR Tech type people. Nuff said.

Many of you are aware of the HR Technology Conference AND many of you are not. It is filled with people who strive to learn, sell, market, network and create or build upon new ideas. It is not filled with people (typically HR people) who are in the dark about technology and simply 'don't get it'. You know those HR people who make you use HR technology so they can keep their job going. Yeah...they probably won't be there.

Will I see you there? I hope so.

I arrive early Sunday morning to tear it up with the HRevolution cause and will not leave until I over dose on the HR Technology Conference throughout the week. As for the whole Vegas scene? I have seen enough of that scene from my underage days of sneaking into casinos and shady establishments. No need to see more.