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The easy way to move 'it' forward

The easy way to move it (your cause) forward is to know the vision and value of your product or service and sell on its purpose. Know politics, but do not play politics. Run from rants and speeches and shield comments with your purpose. Sell, recruit and learn more on purpose. If you have a purpose for telling someone to use something or do something, it is easy. If your client needs a telephone to do better business, tell them about the purpose of the telephone. Business deals do not get done in longer than needed meetings. That is because people lose the purpose of why they are meeting when they meet for too long. How long is too long? A meeting is too long when people lose the purpose of why they are meeting. Long meetings allows for more politics, people and waste to creep in. This all adds to more complexity which steers people away from the purpose. Think about what is going on with the U.S. government right now. Too many people, not enough purpose. Shut down.

Get out of the long and boring meetings. Get a better view of the road ahead. Do more activities, side calls, personal demonstrations of your cause with people who understand your purpose. That is an easy way to move it (your cause) forward.

Find people who can rally around your cause for your product, life or service. Those are the people with influence, persuasion, respect and ability to do something. Then order coffee or cocoa because your job is done. That is the easy way to move it (your cause) forward.