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Introduce Yourself. You Do Amazing Things

This is a special Saturday edition from the HR Hound. Only you, an email subscriber will get this email. Nobody else. Here's exactly what you need to do to introduce yourself to me or our CEO or any other executive at our company, HireVue. First, since you are an email subscriber, you will need to click the link at the bottom of this email to open and view this post in your web browser. This will allow the links to open to introduce yourself.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO US. YOU ARE AMAZING. (email subscribers click through)

The link above will take you to short video (1 minute & 7 sec) to explain more about us and how to introduce yourself via video. It will take you 3 minutes or less to do this. Once you complete it, your introduction goes to me. I respond as soon as I can. Most people can't believe how fast and easy it is, but try it yourself to see. If anything, watch the video and laugh or make fun of me.

If I think someone at our company will want to meet you, I will be very clear and tell you that. If you will be at HREvolution this Sunday or HR Tech this week in Las Vegas, then we can meet in person. That would be cool.

Need more scoop on us? Then, read HERE, about our announcement of a $25 million Sequoia-led Series D round of funding to continue to fund our fast growth. Not enough? Then read HERE how we are now partnering with LinkedIn to disrupt the hiring process with video technology. So join us.

I look forward to meeting you.