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Parting #HRTechConf Thoughts...

Just spent 3.5 days in Las Vegas with 8,000 HR, Marketing, Sales, Product, Tech and a few other types. We gathered for HR Tech and we leave with with bags full of freebies, demos, fliers, promises and business cards. Many people back at your HR shop are not as pumped as you are, so find some endorsements of what you plan to do with your HR Tech game plan. It's go time, but you need support and believers. Face it, HR Technology is not sexy or cool. You need to market it and make it easy. I have plans to do some of that at my own organization. Keep things simple. Focus on how to activate you. It starts with you. You need a network bigger than what is available at your company. That network is we and you. We will trust you more if you work with us more. I trust people before brand or product or technology. HR pros inside of organizations need the person to person trust before they roll out a new technology. Did you know 50% of social media initiatives are not coming from the top down? Make it happen. No excuses. Hat tip to @BenBrooks.

HR Tech is a big show. Lots of parties, celebrities (Reggie Jackson is still a celebrity I think), famous people in the HR Tech space and more parties, then more networking, then water, sleep, and emails/tweets and bed. But move away from the big show and go to the side. The big show, like any big show is more about people, processes and politics. The side show is about the people and technology. On the side you will meet people, players, speakers, writers, executives and spouses of people. Last night, I played blackjack with about 7 people from Mercer. It was a fun side show.

I look forward to the future of technology, people, and current and new connections. More writing and speaking gigs to come. I'm gonna keep things simple and laugh more at life. I could talk smack or brag about some of the tech vendors...but I will think about that for another day. Those are my parting thoughts on #HRTechConf.

PS--Click here and see how fast you can apply and introduce yourself to HireVue with your LinkedIn profile and video camera. (click through for email subscribers). Takes less than 5 minutes. Lots of people on the side loved this at #HRTechConf. I think you will too. Look forward to showing more people next week at the LinkedIn Talent Connect. Yes...back in Vegas next week for LinkedIn's sold out Talent Connect conference. Oh boy.