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What You Don't Know

You don't know your activity and site visitors to your career page.  An easy metric to pull, but I know you do not know this. Page views, lead to applications or interest and interviews. That activity leads to hiring top talent. I hope your HR Technology is doing that. Your career page is a machine to people network. Make it a people to people network by holding your talent and recruiting team accountable to drive in people to your career site. They can use any type of social media to drive in traffic, but make sure they do it. If they won't do it, then pay me to drive traffic to your site. I'm cheap and they are expensive and I will teach people along the way.

For some of you who followed my activity on social media (specifically Twitter and LinkedIn) this past week, we drew in over 1000 views to our career page in about 3 days. People follow people, not policies and logos on social media.

Your homework this weekend is to tell me how many views your career site gets on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Go to your stats dashboard of your career site. If you do not know where to find this information, ask someone and learn yourself. Until then, you do not know how many people are viewing your career page. Learning what you don't know is how we learn.