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Talent ConnectHeaded back to Las Vegas for a second week in a row (last week was HR Tech). This time it's LinkedIn's Talent Connect (TC) 2013. About 3,000 people will be there, which is the size of a small university or the town of Marshville, North Carolina. Before, during and after the event people will be hunting, connecting and pursuing that next big opportunity. I have been planning my agenda for the week, but also plan to court serendipity and good randomness. The corporate career ladder sucks. Our life and careers are an endless journey. It's events like TC or some other place where you meet that one person or get that one idea. Serendipity involves being alert, aware and seeing an opportunity. But it takes more than seeing the opportunity. You have to want it and you need the guts to act on it. Great recruiters help talent act on big opportunities. I think I will see some great recruiters this week.

My company, HireVue, is the only digital video interviewing company to have a joint collaborative partnership with LinkedIn. We will have a booth at TC. I will be helping our team out and also hitting up the sessions as a practitioner. Speaking of practitioners, have you seen what we are doing with LinkedIn's new CheckIn product? I know, I know, some of you have, but others may not, so here is the scoop in 4 steps...

As a recruiter you can ask people to...1) CheckIn on any device via their name and email, 2) Select their LinkedIn profile 3) Select their career interest and Boom-->4) They get sent a link to complete a HireVue video introduction of themselves. Try it HERE (email subscribers click through) for yourself. It's easier than booking a flight to Vegas. Do less hunting and more connecting with this product. We are doing lots more with LinkedIn, but I must save that for TC this week. can catch the live stream of the event if you can't be there in person. Looking forward to catching @CharlesHardy and Jami Mitchell from LinkedIn along with Scott Wallin's session from Los Alamos National Laboratory to learn more about CheckIn.

It might be random, planned or serendipity, but you need to be aware of new products like the one shared above. Especially for high growth recruiting areas. There will be many more forward thinking ideas, people and tools at this conference. I will hunt them, connect with them and pursue them. And when it makes sense, I will share them @HRHound on the Twitter, #intalent.