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#Intalent Jeff Weiner-CEO @LinkedIn - The 5 Tool Player

5 tool player In baseball the 5 tool player is a term that talent scouts look for. These are 1) hitting for power, 2) hitting for average, 3) fielding ability 4) throwing ability and 5) Speed. Players who are great at all 5 tools are a 5 tool player. Great in 4 out of the 5, but only good or average in the 5th...then you are NOT a 5 tool player. In short you have to be GREAT in all of the five tools, to be a 5 tool player.

Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson or Mickey Mantle were 5 tool players. They are rare. Jeff Weiner (CEO @LinkedIn) shared the 5 tool player model at #Intalent that talent pros need to look for...

These are (email subscribers click through for pic) 1) technology vision, 2) business acumen, 3) leadership 4) resourcefulness and 5) product sensibility. In the business/tech world 5 tool players would be Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Sheryl Sandberg, etc. If you find or know 5 tool players, you are in a special club. Recruiting for talent is beyond the traditional narrow focused competencies and famous degrees. Build people up around the 5 tools.

What do the 5 tools look like for you? That can vary by industry or context, but work to make each tool better. Know how to leverage your strong tools and minimize your weak tools. Build a network of 5 tool players or close to being 5 tool players. I heard once that you are the average of your network.

PS-...on the product front, big news at LinkedIn Talent Connect this week was 2 things. The launch of the mobile apply product. People can apply via mobile and their LinkedIn profile becomes their official resume. Second was for recruiters. LinkedIn Recruiter is available via a mobile app. I downloaded it yesterday. So far so good. All great news for people in the talent space.

Photo credit-My incredible work partner, Dave.