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Leaders Of The Recruiting Transformation

The recruiting transformation involves you, your talent and it is the largest transformation of recruiting in the past 100 years. The most important trends shaping the future of recruiting are 1) social and professional networks 2) employment branding 3) data 4) internal mobility and 5) mobile. Post and pray recruiting has been done for years. Finding, organizing and contacting talent is the way to do it. A boolean search on LinkedIn will find more people than your ATS or expensive job posting. Any of this recruiting technology should lead to the conversation. Recruiting technology is working when it increases your efficiency and helps you hire faster and better people. It's not all about recruiting either...

The recruiting transformation is allowing us to meet people who are smarter than us. How often are you having conversations with people who offer a contrarian opinion? How about domain experts or just damn smart people? Do you run your ideas past the experts on a topic or field? These experts are often not in your little farm of cubes. Have conversations with people. Use social to find people.

The recruiting transformation will weed out the "too big to care" attitudes and reward the resilient attitudes and behaviors. These trends will disrupt people who are not resilient. The fastest growing population on LinkedIn is millennials and university students. The first place they go when they want a job is to your LinkedIn profile. The fastest growing population on Facebook are people over 50. The recruiting transformation is not about LinkedIn and Facebook, but where both generations go to spend their time seems off balance.

The leaders of the recruiting transformation will be able lead people of any age or mindset through the recruiting transformation. They will use technology to lead technology. They will kill any technology in your organization or space that is not increasing efficiency, hiring better people or helping them perform better. This will save time and money and speed up the recruiting transformation. If you claim to be a leader in technology, I have 2 questions for you...

Do you use your own technology? AND How does it help you do your job better? If the answer is NO, you are not a leader. If the answer is YES...I hope you can share the ROI and how it helps people. If not, you got work to do...