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AutoTweets, Robots & Being Human

Meditating without falling asleep takes effort. Biking for several miles take mental and physical strength. Standing your ground because you believe in something bigger than your life or beyond some organization is reason enough to keep believing in it. Automating your tweets, status updates or whatever takes no effort, but being human takes effort and care. Think about how much effort it takes to stay in touch, connect and make sure your closest relationships are flourishing. Can you automate that effort? Would you ever want to automate or outsource that effort to a robot? I hope not.

Automated tweets, outsourcing your social media to a person who does not know or care about your brand is weak sauce. Take authority. Make the effort. Be human and real if you are going to play the social game. You know who you are if you do this. You are too big to care. You are becoming the big bad brand who is losing touch with people.