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The Power of NOT

Do not underestimate the power of NOT. A huge part of what you are looking for or looking to do is what you are NOT looking for. Are you NOT afraid to fail? Is your day consumed with activities that do NOT matter. Are you surrounding yourself with people who do NOT care. Are people trying to change you into someone you are NOT? What story is your brand NOT telling us and what pain point is your product NOT fixing? Why are you NOT finding talent to work for your company? I do NOT care if you are the boss or the worker. In our connected economy you have to NOT care about making mistakes or trying something new. You have to know who can move your cause forward or know how to do it yourself. You are NOT alone. You are NOT the best if you do not know what the best means.

Talent professionals, Human Resource pros, business leaders, etc. How often are you having conversations with people who know what you are NOT? Those are people who know you well. How about conversations with people who know you and people who are smarter than you? Find more people like that. In your network leverage people who are NOT you and you can work more efficiently, be connected to more talent and become smarter. Figure out a way to search and find people who fill your talent needs. Whether it be a Boolean search via LinkedIn or Google, do not underestimate the power of NOT. Knowing what you are NOT looking for is how we purposely or randomly find what we are looking for.

Do NOT stop until your work is done. Sorry to leave you with a vague thought, but defining done is up to you, NOT me. And again, that is the power of NOT.