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When the Change Starts

Do you know when the change starts? It starts immediately when you ask the question what or who needs to change. It starts the day of the meeting, the conversation or the email. Change does not wait until the next year. Change is a slow and gradual process. It's a chip here and a chip there and then over time you change in what you want to become. Often these chips of change feel like they are changing faster than you can handle. People who diet to lose weight change on a daily basis. The successful diets involve a change in behaviors. If Teresa eats too many cookies in the afternoon, she needs to change her behaviors from eating cookies to drinking water. The change starts the day she stops eating cookies and starts drinking water. The results come many days down the road.

We are wrapping up the end of 2013. Like every year, people will begin talking about what needs to change for 2014. This will happen in our personal and professional lives. First, ask yourself what you need to change about yourself. Then do it. Then start asking others what they need to change, understand why and work on it together. Day by day you will chip away and change into what you want to be...

But the changing doesn't stop when you become what you want to become. Keep on dreaming and continue to get more comfortable with the forces of change (i.e., love, pain, joy, etc.). I like to wake up each morning knowing that something will change. My challenge in life is to deal with it.

The change is the hardest part for any human to do. We make this harder by looking and creating villains in our minds. The monster who did all this change to us. Hug the villain. Use loving energy to create a force around the villain and move onto something creative and engaging that will change things for the better. People who can deal well with change can continually bring ideas and work to the table that will spread to the world.

Be the player who won't hate the change game. Change is confusing and disruptive. Some people will talk about the change, other people will avoid it. The more we can talk about the change, the quicker the change happens. Do you know when the change starts?