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How Uncomfortable Should It Be?

Human relationships are uncomfortable. The boss to employee/worker mindset makes them further uncomfortable. The minute we try to form or mold a relationship (love or business) into some desired state we get disappointed. People are unpredictable and full of emotions. But yet... We often think and wish people would act a certain way. You want Belinda in accounting to act nicer instead of snapping at others over a spreadsheet. You want Blake in sales to work better with people. People are, who they are. Be open, share and receive feedback (feedback goes both ways) and learn to deal with the feedback you get. Learning to deal with other people does not mean putting up with bad behavior either.

For example, say you work for or with an A-hole. Look at the A-hole for what he/she is. A human. That's it. For recruiters of talent. Get to the real person as quick as you can. Ask them to ditch the tie or formal attire. See how they really are and what they say or want out of life or a career. A monkey in a suit is still a monkey. Do not let the suit make the human relationship anymore uncomfortable than it already is.

Courting and forming relationships takes work, creates tense feelings and feels awkward until the both of you can get to a tolerable level of comfort with each other. New jobs, new people, new online friends...they all require an uncomfortable feeling that makes us remember we are human. Stop for one second and listen. Do you hear sounds around you? Whatever noise you hear...that is the sound of peace and humans finding comfort. Go get uncomfortable today with some talented people. You can thank yourself later.