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Is 51,327 A Big Number?

Inc. Magazine Hirepower awards 51, 327 is a relative number, but when you are talking about jobs that is a big number. I am in San Francisco this week on behalf of HireVue because we made the Inc. Magazine list for fast growing companies who put people to work. Even more awesome that Utah had about 5 or 6 companies on the list...

But we are not stopping here. We will keep moving forward. The last thing we can do, is stay in yesterday's moment. Never think you can go back to the old days in our connection economy. Keep it simple and keep executing.

Want a few tips on how you can use our partner LinkedIn to hire? Read about it HERE on SourceCon News (email subscribers click through) I just released an article there today. Happy hump day and I must go now. I have day full of activities to help us hire more people and help other people learn how to hire more talented people better and faster.