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Finding Space

Runway pic from my phone Finding space to do the work on your plate is a job in and of itself. Go to work and your phone rings, people visit, email interrupts and texts and tweets interrupt your space. At home it is the same story, there is no space for your place. Many office places are unconsciously designed to kill collaboration and community building. It takes a strong force of trust and willingness to interrupt people in their cozy offices and work cubes.

Last week I was in San Francisco and had the opportunity to work out of one the hottest and coolest tech start-up co-working places in the country. It's called Runway. Click HERE (email subscribers click through) for a video tour, but in short Runway is located in the same building as Twitter and Yammer and home to about 70 different start-ups who work in a warehouse space of 70,000 square feet. Furniture is secondary, but people are primary in this place. Definitely enough room to do the work on your plate and also drink coffee with smart people or play ping pong with new people. The picture you see (click through for email subscribers) is my view I had the entire day. When I needed quiet time, I had it.

The take-away of this place is you do not work in an environment like this. You work in an Ivory tower full of people who make decisions on spreadsheets. Disrupt that and get out of your office frequently. Become more aware of what is happening around you and in your business. Meet with people who do the work and build community with people who do the work. That is one of the ways collaborative and innovative people are finding space.

PS--this is not a generation specific space either. I met and saw every generation alive while I was there. Dogs too. No cats though.