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Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone

When you are not sure, be brief, be bright and be gone. Have metrics and data to back your thoughts and decisions. That recipe will work. If not, find something else. Before your next sales meeting, board meeting, one to one meeting, believe and know your story and be ready for a conversation. Consider it a win if you have a great conversation and move to the stage of whatever project or deal you are discussing. When failure happens, accept it and deal with it. Do not beat yourself up, because you will beat others up who are innocent. Always, always, always go back to the fundamentals. Prepare and do something new. Step away if needed. Failure happens. Success happens.

Success, failure, etc. Celebrate and move on. Change happens and new moments are next. You are here now. Now is your time to do something in the moment. Have more belief than proof. It will help your briefness and brightness so you can be gone to the next stage. Be brief, be bright and be gone. It's not the only way to do something, but isn't that how life happens anyway?