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Thanks & 3 Words

Thankful words never get old. Say or think you are not thankful and you get a smack in the face. At least I have before. Who are we thankful to? Life, Karma, God, Buddha, other people, etc. I am thankful for my family and also... -People who believe and think different than me. You make me think different. Sometimes it hurts, but better for me and you in the long run.

-People who are in my crazy circle. We know each other. High five to people with my crazy gene.

-The times I fall on my face. When I fall on my face, it is a reminder that I am alive and have a chance to get better.

-For warehouses and friends. I slept in a warehouse for about 5 months in 2013. Sometimes on friends spare beds too.

-The times when life is not fair. Curve balls, unexplainable experiences that happen to me, my family or loved ones. Appreciate what we have an move on. #dontcomplain.

-What I don't have. I don't have it all and that's not my call, but I get to wake up the next day to work on it all.

-For technology. It keeps me curious and hungry.

-For feedback. I screw up at times. Indirect feedback (i.e., reading into signs) and direct feedback make me better and more aware on what I need to do different to improve.

Oh and one more, I am thankful for YOU. You give me the chance to share news, views and more. You choose to read my content. Thanks.

How do you plan to close out next year. That's right, this time in 2014 what will you be working on or doing that is important. Currently, where are you spending your free time. If you had a wide open day today, what would you do with it? Do more of that in 2014. Work on your plan A, plan B and plan Z. 

But before it is 2014 we need to live in 2013. In recruiting, recruiters tend to focus the end of the year to build their talent pipelines. Same with sales too. That is wonderful, but shouldn't we do that everyday of the year? The end of the year brings feelings of rush and maybe anxiety to get things done. Don't act on the latest book or fad yet. Instead choose 3 words that sum up your latest principles (email subscribers click HERE for more on the 3 words) AND focus on those 3 words in 2014. Not sure, but my 3 words in 2014 might be Scale, Simple and Balance. Maybe Vision too. Those words are still cooking in my head, but that's what I am thinking this morning.

What are you thankful for? What are your 3 words? Jump in the water is warm.