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Be an Employer of Choice: Three Ways to Build Your Employer Brand

If you are looking for a great resource, expert teachings and insightful commentary on using talent management best practices to create a world class workforce do not ask me. Ask Melany Gallant. Melany is in the Ottawa, Canada area and knows a thing or two about building your employment brand. She evens runs the TalentSpace Blog for Halogen Software and helps them make it easy for people like you to build a world-class workforce.

In talent management you have to find people smarter than you. And that's what I did here, I'm out. Learn what Melany has to say........

There's a local company here that's doing a lot of recruiting lately – good for them! On their website, as part of their employer brand, they boast about offering things like:

·         Breakfast, lunch and snacks

·         A childcare supplement

·         A games room

·         A sports allowance

·         An open concept office space with no walls to get in the way of collaboration

·         No set rules for office hours

Sounds great doesn't it – unless you don't have kids, have special dietary requirements, need quiet to do your best work…

I'm sure their employees think they're an employer of choice. But would everyone?

Probably not.

So how do YOU become an employer of choice?

Know who you are

Before you can build your employer brand and be an employer of choice, you need to figure out what YOU mean by "employer of choice". What kind of people do YOU want to attract? What kind of a work environment do YOU want to create? How do YOU want to stand out from the crowd for your customers?

There's no "one size fits all" when it comes to that stuff. Understanding what makes you unique is how you build your employer brand.

Walk the talk

Now that you've figured all that out, start making it happen. You need to walk the talk. Make sure you live your employer brand values every day, and do things like:

·         Let everyone who works for you know who you want to be as an employer.

·         Hire and promote people for cultural fit.

·         Recognize and reward your staff for strengthening your employer brand.

·         Make sure everyone's goals help support your brand.

·         Regularly ask your employees if you're living up to your employer brand and where you need to grow/improve.

And hold everyone accountable for contributing to your brand as an employer. It's everyone's job, not just HR's.

Opposites don't always attract

Finally, when you're recruiting, tap the resources you already have. Your employees already know who you are as an employer and what it's like to work for you. And chances are, they're friends with people who are like them. So get them to work their networks and identify people who'd be a great fit for your organization. After all, they have a vested interest in making sure you hire good people for them to work with.

Melany Gallant manages the Halogen TalentSpace blog (email subscribers click through). Connect with Melany on LinkedIn.