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Add Google Glass to your 2014 #HR Rule Book

Google Glass & HR For the high detailed and rule hungry HR Pro what do you think of Google Glasses? Here's what it does...

-Takes pictures.

-Records what you see, hands free.

-Can share what you see, hands free.

-Can speak to send a message.

-Can translate voices and ask it whatever is on your mind.

It does this and more. Google Glass is either a fad, trend or new way of doing business. The HR Pro at your company does not know about them, so make them work harder and ask them what they are doing about Google Glass. How will your HR pro handle a counseling session with someone when they walk in with Google Glasses and records the conversation? Does it that make them nervous? Are they going to create a rule about it so people can break it?

You can be confident and transparent or create a rule about Google Glasses or be both. But know it's another way the use technology is changing the way we behave at work...