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Self-Help Holiday Books

You are not Steve Jobs, Mandela, President Obama or Marissa Meyer. Put down the latest self help book or article or movie and start doing what the words say and doing what you think. You know what you need to do, so do it. But do just couple or three or four. Chasing more than one rabbit, usually leads to no rabbit. As for your work... We are never done with our work these days. Work is more fluid or open and blurs into our social life. I am experiencing work blur into my social life this week. My vacation tweets about sports turns into a conversation about work. That is how we work now. Evolve or die.

I work with people in my network around the world. Many not inside my company. If you are in my network then we have interacted and I trust you more than my neighbor that I do not know.

Trusting, leading, sharing, connecting, serving, and innovating. These are activities you should do a lot. Do these activities and you will attract these types of people into your network.

We do things our own way with a little influence here and there. Your self-help books will help, but it is you who has to act.