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Lots of Lists to be Happy

Lots of lists on what will happen for 2014 and also what did or did not happen in 2013 are floating around right now on various social media outlets. Business leaders, marketers and many others are bringing their A game predictions and analyses to the table at this time of year. They bring infographics, pictures, videos, lists and on and on, but they all have one primary goal. They want us to be happy. The great ones will not be happy until you are happy. The successful ones know how to be happy by making you happy. The lists are created to make you happy or point out something you need to do in your life to get happier. What is better than the lists, is a genuine appreciation of the people around us. No lists or drama, just an appreciation. I need to say that more often. I appreciate you.

Before you buy that expensive program or consultant or technology, first find out what makes you happy. Find out how to replicate that happiness feeling. If you say money makes you happy, then why are there so many unhappy people with a lot of money. It's deeper than money. Create a list of experiences and times in 2013 that made you happy then replicate that more in 2014 and beyond. That is the list you should be paying attention to, not the ones on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yahoo...