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400 Smiles per Day & The Ending

Watch toddlers play and interact. They smile a lot. A study concluded that a child smiles about 400 times per day . That is much better than our adult average of 5 to 15 smiles per day. Step it up Ben. Step it up cranky Jason or Jill. We smile less the older we get because of our on-going desire to control life. With control comes organization and a little more predictability, but it also comes with a challenge of staying happy.

The ending of a year creates time pressure and a focus on getting everything done. Time pressure can impact performance in a positive or negative way. Watch the last 2 minutes of many sport games and you will see people behave and perform much better or worse than their performance throughout the game. Same goes with music performance. The encore at the end is usually the best performance.

When we can see, feel or recognize the ending we act different than before we knew the end was coming. What is the take away? The take away is that nobody knows when it will end so live each day like it might end. Live like a child and smile 400 times per day.

Writing, drawing, painting, working, talking, listening, exercising, playing whatever game or sport, meditating, praying, sleeping and on and on. Do all this with a smile. You can control your smile and tame your wild horse mind that way. Life is not as hard as we make it.