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Online vs. Real Life

Nobody is as bad as their reputation online and nobody is as good as their reputation online. I can write or say whatever the fu&* I want, but it's not real or the truth unless you can see or interact with me. Same goes with that hillbilly Duck Dynasty debacle. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc allows interactions, but it is still not the real deal. Social media and sharing and online community building allows a someone to act like a someone who people want to follow and get to know more.

How does one act in order to get followed or liked? That is entirely your call and no perfect ways exists that I am aware of, but it seems you are what you attract. Talk religion, you will get people interested in religion. Talk politics, same thing. Talk change…you get people who want change. I could go and and on. You get the point.

Pick any of the big players in the marketing and blogging circuit. People like Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, etc. They started somewhere and have not stopped. They are transparent enough to get people to follow them for their cause. To the contrary, people in the business world who became famous by paid media quickly learn it's not easy to build their online reputation organically. They lack cause and purpose. You can see it in their blogs and ghost written articles. The outsourced tweets and updates and blog posts lack authenticity. They ain't real.

I am not you. I do not know how you should run your online life. You know you. I know me. I can think of many ways to screw up a life, but you become what you do, not what the media says you do.