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What a Pity...

What a pity you are reading this on Christmas day (assuming Christmas is a day you celebrate). You should be with your family or friends laughing and keeping traditions. The only feasible reason you should be reading this is because you are bored at home or bored at your job that is making you work on Christmas. Pity, sorrow, grief, sickness, conflict, birth and death. Life brings us those feelings and experiences + more. Throw in the holidays and it makes those feelings more intense. With birth comes death. You are born, you die. For Christians, Christ was born and Christ died.

I was born and I will die. I know that. You will experience this too. The past is the past and the future is unknown. The present is now so find joy.

Have no pity and you are a robot, have too much pity and you are push over. Get over your quarrels and be there this holiday season. Being there is the hardest part. If you can't be there in person, then be there via phone or video, but be there. Say "yes" or say "sorry". Life is short.

Merry Christmas.