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How Far Can Some Ideas Go?

I do not know, but let's keep going with ideas. A couple or few years back I started blogging/writing to create change, conversation, network, learn and promote some good. Sometimes I steal the idea, sometimes I create the idea and sometimes I don't have an idea. But, slowly and slowly the HR Hound is growing in numbers and growing in peace. Here is a 2013 snapshot of data for the HR Hound...

     -->6,637 visits to the HR Hound blog. 4,185 of those visits were unique, but I consider you all unique so I do not care about that stat. 38% of you are old time visitors and 62% of you were new to the HR Hound in 2013.

     -->80% of the visits above are from the U.S, and the other 20% are spread across Canada, UK, India, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Netherlands and Germany.

     -->13,561 page views. Is that a lot? Again...I do not care, but I think it's awesome that it keeps growing.

     -->People hang around the HR Hound for an average of 2 min. and 14 secs. Are you that bored? Stay longer. I will make you feel better.

     -->Most of you visit the HR Hound from your desktop, but lots of others visit the HR Hound from a mobile or tablet.

This is the new year and I have no resolutions or lists to share. I don't feel any different this year and I am still happy to be here. People keep coming to the HR Hound and I know some of you are going to leave.

I can't control minds. For those of you who stay with me, here we go again for 2014 AND Thank you for being here. I appreciate your comments, emails and generosity. It would be unthinkable to do this without you. I believe we can do more with our ideas and be better for 2014. We are all made of stars...