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3 Words In Your Mind

3 words for todayMy 3 words for 2014 are my 3 words. Start your words today. For the long time HR Hound reader you have heard me talk about the 3 words. High five to Chris Brogan. I stole the idea from him. Enough ramble and on with my 3 words for 2014.

Organize- Organize the various parts and projects I have going on at work and home. Many of my projects are connected and related and by organizing them I can connect the dots and see how they make the picture whole. At work, performance management, social collaboration and compensation each touch one another. I need to organize all three and connect the dots in terms of philosophy, strategy and technology. At home, I need to take out the cat litter more often and also put up a fence so my dogs don't escape and can do their business in my yard. All involve cleaning up waste and getting rid of bad smell. I need more organization around waste management at home.

Simple- People, relationships, work, beliefs. Keep them simple. If a thought is in my head, then I will share it. Thoughts can be ideas and ideas can turn into opportunities and real work. Keep things simple. No need to re-create the wheel or invent something and hang out with people who get this. Most ideas are discovered, then put out on the table at the right time and place. That's how innovation happens. I need to take more of a physics approach to learn the natural and simple aspects of life and universe.

Focus--Focus on focus. Meditation, breathing, and believing. I have almost made meditation a daily part of my life. I need to get better and more focused at my meditation. iPhones and technology can kill focus and the moment. I will focus on focus and when I am in the moment of a task, that will be the task. No other thoughts or checking of other technology. If I am on social media with my phone, then I am on social. If I am with my family, then I am with my family. My time is now and it is my time that I share with other humans when I am around them. More sharing and interacting.

Organize. Simple. Focus. Those are my 3 words. What are yours?

PS--Last year, Steve Browne said his were, "Encourage. Be Intentional." and Kristi Schwartz, did you ever do your 3 words?