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The Reality Of...

The reality of life is that it does not work out the way you planned or saw on TV. The reality of your job is that people do not do what you want them to do. The reality of funerals is that they do not turn out the way you think a funeral should turn out. The reality of the pain and conflict that comes with a funeral, is that people react differently and act in their own way on how to handle death. The reality of your life today is that you can live it and create more of it.

The reality of HR is that you do not do what you read, heard or studied about. You might drive across the snow to pick up candidates and fill their coffee up while also negotiating big dollars across the table. The reality of reality is that it is real and people do real things. After all the fake content you see on line you come to realize that people are still people and people are still real.

The reality of your life is that it is your life to run. And that is the reality of living and working and being someone while you are here with us...